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DA Morgan on Jun 05, 2002 at 14:30

Re: That's central to the issue (Bobba)

Human nature being what it is ... the ability to project ourselves over greater and greater distances comes down to a combination of scientific inquisitiveness, politics, and finances.

We will only get off this pathetic rock when doing so is politically and commercially viable.

Politically: We could justify any nonsense we wanted when we were afraid the Russians would get there first. Wherever "there" was.

Commerically: If we can mine the moon, Mars, asteroids, comets, whatever for valuable resources we will develop commerce. Commerce will, just as it has done with commercial shipping and airplanes, demand larger, faster, more economical transport. Commerce will drive the improvements. And it may well be that travel, vacations, recreation, etc. will be a major component of this.

Science: From wherever industry goes ... science will view that as a stepping stone and try to go further.

But in the end ... we as a species have a decision that we must make. We either get off this rock ... or we wait for the next the next rock comes our way ... don't believe me? Ask the dinosaurs. ;-)

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