i dared... (a li'l here for you too, mara)

Posted by anyman on Jun 05, 2002 at 04:16

Re: Meet Wimpzilla (DA Morgan)

i dared to meet him...and ooooooooooohh, he left me trembling...a fearsome fella :-)

if you dare???


from your link, dano

...most matter in the universe must be made up of dark matter we cannot see ...

why? ...because we have faith in our apriori philosophical commitment to billions of years and a particular topology

...the trouble is, no one has ever detected one [wimp(s)]...

blind faith even?...no, not quite, but nearly so :-)

now faith is being sure of [dark matter] we hope for and certain of [dark matter] we do not see --- hebrews 11.1 adapted :-)

...that may be because wimps...or dark matter might be made of something else...

may be, might be, shoulda, woulda, coulda :-)

...wimpzillas are among the most reasonable of speculative ideas in the field...

i speculate that there is a god

...if wimpzillas exist...

if god exists, there should be at least some indirect evidence of his existence and his existence would certainly explain any problems that we have in biology or cosmology or origins science or anything else :-)

is there such evidence? ...i say, yes, it is to be seen in the biotic and the cosmotic messages

anyway, the point here was not really to mock the concept of wimps or wimpzillas or dark matter...the concepts are not in and of themselves entirely unreasonable; the possibility of their existence is ceded

the point is to illustrate that the first statement above is a faith statement, an interpretation of data, an assumption based on many other assumptions and some indirect evidence...all of the excerpts from the article that follow it are based on that faith statement (assumption)

if we irrefutably find the dark matter that “must be” there, then, ONLY THEN, they will cease to be faith statements or assumptions :-)

assumptions (faith thoughts or claims, beliefs) are a necessary part of the scientific process...virtually every discovery begins with them...they also begin with some form of philosophy because everybody has one that shapes the way they think and view and interpret things in the cosmos, including the construction of and interpretation of the outcomes of experimental procedures...that doesn’t make them all necessarily wrong; it only makes science, philosophy, and faith an inseparable triad, often seamlessly interwoven :-)

they will remain faith claims until there is direct and irrefutable evidence without alternative interpretations that are at least equally valid

there is a difference between blind faith and evidenced faith...the latter is more reasonably held but it still contains the faith component

what if we never find enough dark matter to substantiate the claims of effects that it allegedly has on either perceived (assumed) or observed phenomena

(if extrasolar planets exist, and they very likely do, they would certainly qualify as what would have previously been considered **dark matter,** as would dark or dim stars/galaxies, etc...but are there enough)

i propose, and you may take this as a prediction, that we will never find enough, not nearly enough, dark matter to explain the order of the cosmos, at least not to explain it in evolutionary terms...i also propose that we will ultimately find (know) that the reason is because the cosmos is being sustained, maintained, (upheld) by its creator (see hebrews 1.3 niv, asv)...every bit as reasonable a cause as anything that might be suggested by chaos theory or string theory or m-brains or pea brains (p-branes :-) or fractals or multiverse theory for the order and highly specific complex information that is observed

i say the above with a bow to a sharpened form of occam’s razor...the simplest solution that explains all of the observed phenomena is the best explanation :-)

should my prediction ultimately be found true (or not falsified in the final analysis of all things) it would also...btw...falsify heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and schroedinger’s catbox with a single lethal blow...but i don’t think they’re going to be handing out nobel prizes in heaven...it’s ok :-)

now how’s that for speculation :-))))

btw...fortunately, should the first part of my prediction be falsified (ie never find enough dark matter) it would not necessarily falsify the existence of god or his work in the creation and maintenance of the universe...so my speculation is not only reasonable but relatively safe too...i learned that from my evolutionary days :-)

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