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Sparrow on Jun 04, 2002 at 21:16

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Wow! Thanks.

I have a paper--a literature search and commentary--being published this fall that centers around this very topic. I had wanted to use "scientific integrity" as a keyword, but my editor lobbied against it. I relented for strategic reasons, realizing also that it was no great loss since it appears that Medline searches not just the abstract but the whole of each article for requested search terms...and I have S.I. in the abstract and the body! That in itself (the editing) speaks to protectionism....

The organizations that I am calling to task got their tails in a sling just exactly because of the "good ole boy" mentality in the editorial review boards. One poor MD, in particular, was so cock-sure of his paper that he held a news release meeting and announced its impending publication in the New England Journal of Medicine. However, his paper was so poor that they actually they rejected it. It was published a year later in a journal where his name is on the editorial masthead, and was immediately dissected by a PhD research design specialist. What response was there? None. They blew off the critique.....TILL NOW.....

Chickens DO come home.....


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