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anyman on Jun 04, 2002 at 18:28

this is the real science reporting nightmare du jour :-)

One of world's leading medical journals has put itself and its competitors under the microscope with research showing that published studies are sometimes misleading and frequently fail to mention weaknesses.

Some problems can be traced to biases and conflicts of interest among peer reviewers...

it is good that they are trying to clean it up...but it's not gonna happen

bias of all kinds and particularly that of the philosophical variety will not is an integral part of the human psyche

the personal prestige and money motivated varities are somewhat more controllable but will always remain a factor...when it come to **facts** :-)

more journal bias and corruption

now if they would only do a self examination on the evolutionary component that has been piggybacked like an "alien" parasite (remember the movie alien evokes the imagery better than mere virulent viruses) onto the natural sciences, including medicine :-)

i spend something appraoching $1500 annually on hard science journals alone (not including journal subscriptions in other areas of interest) and consider it money well spent even if i only consider the being able to keep up with the most current philosobabble and the self-contradictory nonsense aspect

no that does not explicitly state or even remotely imply that ALL of the info in the high and holy journals of science is garbage...just some of it :-)

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