Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!!

Posted by Southern Man on Jun 04, 2002 at 08:56

Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!! (DA Morgan)

1. Interesting opinion. Totally wrong but I will certainly defend your right to remain ignorant. Your 100 tons of solar panels might make a nice start on producing some fuel if you have several decades to wait before you need the fuel.

4. You wrote “Making fuels from nitrogen takes more energy. And to get there you still need hydrogen and oxygen.”

I wrote ”Yes. That’s why you get more energy release when you burn them. ADK wanted nitrogen. I think we are in agreement that nitrogen isn’t a requirement. It would be nice to have but isn’t needed if we can find enough energy to make pure hydrogen fuel.”

You wrote “You get more energy ... but as no process is 100% efficient ... in the end you always lose.”

I wrote “Your comment seems only to support my position. I’ll leave it at that.”

You wrote “Then you didn't understand what I wrote.”

I guess you are correct. We have no agreement and I haven’t a clue what in the world you are talking about.

5. “We have not problem producing rocket fuel from water. None what-so-ever. What on earth makes you think we do? We have a problem with funding of space exploration. This is a question of finances ... not technology.”

So you are saying that if we throw enough money at a problem any physical laws can be overcome? We’re back to the question of last week. How does finding water on Mars solve all the problems of making fuel to return explorers to Earth? If throwing money at it is the solution, why didn't we just carry all the water we needed to Mars rather than feel lucky that we found it already there? It's just a financial problem, isn't it?

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