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DA Morgan on Jun 03, 2002 at 14:22

Re: Global warming and GWB (I. S.)

Apparently George W. Bush is now a liberal.

One of the things Limburger does that is the height of hypocrisy is he spouts like a mantra "words have meaning" and then ignores that meaning he finds inconsistent with his diatribe d'jour.

Conservative no longer means being hesitant to make change. It now means "don't make any changes of which I don't approve."

And the word 'liberal' is bandied about as though it was a four letter word insult usually accompanied by a raised middle finger.

His contributes to hyperbole far exceed his contributions to rational thought. But then who ever got a huge audience by pandering to calm, cool, and collected reasoning. And in the end the only reason he is on the air is that he attracts a huge audience and sponsors pay him to provide a formum in which they can sell their product.

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