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Posted by Sparrow on Jun 03, 2002 at 09:58

Re: Photons. I need some help, if you can and will.... (DA Morgan)

I wondered the same -- what qualifies her? She did send me about 5 chapters.

She is writing as a mother who has struggled to (and succeeded, in a way) to solve reading problems with her children and got nowhere until she tried colored filters. Her story is a good, readable one, but she's up against a head of criticism that's well-entrenched, since there is only "localized" support for the method used. (The kids and adults wind up wearing deep, odd-colored lenses, making it an even tougher "sell.") She's arguing that there IS a basis for the "Irlen (self-named!) Syndrome" and uses a chapter to review the research on the nature of light -- and, to clarify the above comment, she's not Mrs. Irlen.

The book is less about science than the struggle to open minds to new ideas (imagine THAT!) about everyday sort of needs and get research moving forward in this "orphan" field. It's really a sort of "Lorenzo's Oil" about light, you might say. She's read voluminously, traveled extensively, beat on politician's doors, the whole nine yards....

BTW, she's from your neck of the woods, Daniel.

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