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Posted by bobbapink on Jun 02, 2002 at 10:48

Re: Whose the boss? (Dogrock)

I've read recently that computers will be build that are thousands of times more intelligent than humans.

Define "intelligent"

I've an old Colliers Encyclopedia that already has more information than I've in my head. If the above has any real meaning then it has to mean that the computer will eventually tell us how we should live our lives.

They already do in many respects - depending on how loosely you define "computer" of course

But it's only the pleasure we get from living decides whether we want to go along with this, not the logic.

Define "pleasure"

Unless the computer has motivation like love, hate, fear, anger, etc it won't take over,

What about envy and greed? Perfectly Programable, IMO.

and if it has these feelings then it won't be logical. So we win by being stupid in just the right way.

What do we win?

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