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bobbapink on Jun 02, 2002 at 10:38

Re: But on further reflection... (Southern Man)

Let me make sure I understand this.


You want to bore a hole and dump in plutonium so that the unshielded and uncontrolled reaction when it hits water will produce steam...

Clearly I miss-communicated something. I want to bore a hole and drop in a self-regulating pebble bed reactor, only without the heavy biological shielding since there arenít going to be many [any] biologicals around it long enough to worry. And I donít know what radioactive steam or repairs youíre talking about. But yea, something like an RTG only scaled up a bit. I'm thinking 300kw, not 300w. Hey, if you don't like pebble-bed technology, how 'bout we go with a nice, cute, little Rapid-L reactor instead?

On the RTG suggestion I come back to how long is it going to take to generate enough hydrogen for a return trip. 300 WH/hour takes how long to lift enough air/water/food and people from Mars and accelerate to a velocity high enough to get to earth in 6 months?

See Rapid-L recommendation above. And hey - I donít know you well enough to whip out my calculator. You gotta smooze me a bit before I show you that.

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