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DA Morgan on May 31, 2002 at 16:02

Re: by chance? (anyman)

You ask the question "How" and it is a fair question. And the answer, equally obviously, is that we do not yet know.

That we can not answer that question on May 31st, 2002 or on any other specific date within your lifetime is irrelevant. And does not in any way require that the unseen hand of some mythical diety consciously did anything.

If you must have a conscious diety for some anthropomorphic reason consider this:

The big "G" writes a mathematical formula that generates an 11 dimensional fractal containing 10 spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension. Pleased with his formula ... he executes it then sits back for 15 billions or so years to see how the fractal develops.

The difference between the above and your version is that in the version above ... the diety is not required to be so evil that he, with malice and aforethought, tortures and murders innocent children. He is just a bystander. I like my version better.

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