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Posted by anyman on May 30, 2002 at 19:12

Re: by chance? (DA Morgan)

Not at all. We are expected to believe that mathematics defines quantum mechanics. That quantum mechanics defines physics. That all three defines chemistry. And that all four define biology.

i will loosely and cautiously agree in some measure with your statement

the question still remains fundametally the same...

how did it come to be that things are so orderly that we can generally define things mathematically...that the order is constant enough, precise enough, and rigorous enough that the human mind (itself severely lacking explanation in terms of chance random accidental lucky undirected without purpose or design processes) is able to attempt to discern and define things in terms of QM, physics, chemistry, and biology :-)

it is the origin of that order and highly specific complex information that fundamentally underlies that order that awaits explanation in those terms...and the silence is deafening

Oh yeah. The one about having an invisible bunny rabbit delivering eggs at Easter. That's the one.

you may have forgotten that i very strongly oppose the celebration (especially in any christian context) of easter and christmas...

have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales... ----1 timothy 4.7 (emp mine -- am)

There is no luck or random chance involved.

are you saying that the events leading to the order and highly specific complex information by which we are surrounded and by which we ourselves as human biological organisms can and do exist are unrelated to luck, that they are non- random and do not emanate from chance processes

if that is your contention, aside from the fact that such a statement is diametrically opposed to darwin's theses and all subsequent restatements of his theses (ie the neo-darwinian synthesis et al), then...there is one AND ONLY ONE alternative...there is no third alternative...there is no "c" or "d) all of the above" or "e) none of the above

the only alternative is that things are the way they are NOT because of luck or chance or accidental processes, but instead are extant due to non-random, directed, purposed, and thus intelligently designed processes

it appears that you have philosophically painted yourself into the proverbial corner

It is a normal process...

i would agree that the present processes are generally normal or "the norm" (and with regard to intelligent life, of course, within the earth's biosphere or of earthly origin)...but how did they become the are avoiding the issues in typical fashion...but the rug under which you and your evolutionary compatriots so blithely and subtly attempt to sweep the problems and glaring conflicts has become far too lumpy to escape notice or even to maintain balance any longer...youz be busted, bud :-)

...repeated numerous times throughout the galaxy and likely repeated several times within our own solar system.

now there is a fine statement of faith

as fine a statement of faith as e'er anyman has made

until you have either direct or reasonable quantities of substantial indirect evidence (and significant quantities of extraterrestrial water should they be found to actually exist would not qualify as substantial indirect evidence), that will remain a statement of faith

it's ok to be a man of, philosophy, and faith are an inseparable triad seamlessly interwoven

a man ought to have faith...he ought also to have faith in what is right, the right faith :-)

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