Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!!

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DA Morgan on May 30, 2002 at 12:38

Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!! (Southern Man)

1. Who said infinitely? Who even implied it? Keep the hyperbole in check.

2. Ok.

3. Actually it doesn't. The atmosphere on Mars is so thin it doesn't really pick up much sand. Just enough to be seen from earth.

4. Making fuels from nitrogen takes more energy. And to get there you still need hydrogen and oxygen. Plus we don't need nearly as much energy to return from Mars as we do to get there. Mars has less gravity and we are moving toward the sun rather than away from it.

5. The only fuel we need to return from Mars is hydrogen and oxygen generated by electrolysis of water (or by some other means). Why make a problem more difficult than it need be?

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