Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!!

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DA Morgan on May 29, 2002 at 19:26

Re: NASA finds Masses of Water on Mars !!!!! (Mike Kremer)

We can all relax. I just went to:

And found the following:
Atmospheric composition (by volume):
Major: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - 95.32%
Nitrogen (N2) - 2.7
Argon (Ar) - 1.6
Oxygen (O2) - 0.13
Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 0.08

Minor: Water (H2O) - 210ppm
Nitrogen Oxide (NO) - 100ppm
Neon (Ne) - 2.5ppm
Hydrogen-Deuterium-Oxygen (HDO) - 0.85ppm
Krypton (Kr) - 0.3
Xenon (Xe) - 0.08ppm

So it looks like there is plenty of nitrogen though it could use a little concentrating ... and plenty of smog with the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. People from Los Angeles should feel right at home.

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