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Posted by Sparrow on May 26, 2002 at 20:00

Re: Girl with Half a Brain becomes fluent in Two Languages (Mike Kremer)

The net has TONS of data, for any of those of you who would be interested. I found this out a couple of months ago when I needed background for a workshop on "Brains that heal".

"Focus on the Family" did a three-segment show on autism and one of the MD's (on the Thursday show) spoke of discovering years ago that his infant daughter had a *less than 1/2* of her brain. The prognoses offered were gloomy, needless to say. At the time of the recording, the girl is now in college and doing well.

The very strong suggestion coming from the data being reported, variously, is that the BRAIN has a design function and that it adapts as best it can to those ends....


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