Re: Global Cooling on it's way?

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jan 15, 2002 at 12:57 (

Re: Global Cooling on it's way (Natalie L. Smith)

I've opted out of this debate a long time ago--its far too complicated.
But I truly believe it's getting slightly warmer.
I believe the air temp all over the world has increased by a fraction of a degree.(Stats)
But that the sea has been getting colder by a similar amount.
Which is why we dont have the deadly cold winters anymore, nor does the river Thames and many other rivers freeze over anymore.
I believe its the extra difference between the + air temp and the -Sea temp that is fuelling these short but violent weather patterns we been getting.
Dunk a couple of ice cubes in your cold cup of coffee.....for ice cubes substitute the huge Antartica Iceburgs that been breaking and melting these last ten years. Which is why the sea is getting a fraction colder
Kates'gogo headline"Global Cooling In Antartica" on our home page tells you enough.....Which is why I believe what I wrote above. You dont need to read inside the article, I hav'nt -not yet anyway. @^)

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