Re: anyman, Andy (TM -- how DO you DO that?)

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Andy™ on May 22, 2002 at 00:26

Re: anyman, Andy (TM -- how DO you DO that?) (Sparrow)

Just saw it tonight, on one of the 19 DIGITAL projectors in the US. AMC 30, Kansas City. :P

So... ha ha ha HA ha. =) Be jealous. I knew my favorite muppet would be showing why he was one of the only surviving jedi after the Empire in this movie, I just had a feeling.

You could do as I do, and read more than one book at a time. I, for instance, am reading two books on C++ Programming, a book on Fossils, three Star Wars titles (Episode 2 being one of them), and of course, reading for class.

The ™ is done by holding down your Alt key and typing 0153 on the number pad, num-lock on.

you can also do ® by typing 0174... There's a copyright as well, but I forgot it. Plenty of fun symbols to find by randomly doing number combinations.

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