Re: Sex Differences In The Brain

Posted by Dogrock on May 21, 2002 at 19:05

Re: Sex Differences In The Brain (Natalie L. Smith)

A lot of people would agree that there are brain differences between men and women, but it seems remarkably hard to devise a test, with answers, that satisfy how strongly we believe these differences exist. It feels so obvious and then we can't be sure when we try to prove it. Therefore one possibility is the differences are a lot less than we think, another possibility is that nature in wanting to keep an attraction between the sexes purposely confused the issue, how often have we heard the phrase "there's no understanding women" or on the other side "men never know what they want". But I think the real problem is the complexity of the differences which I think will not be solved by simple experiments. Maybe we don't really want to find out anyway. An idea I had is the differences might not just be static but purposefully sought to create a kind of balance, something like when men and women do get together they'll have more to offer each other survival wise. The idea of the male rats not accepting visual clues looks proactive, as if purposely not choosing a solution which didn't use their best skills. If this is true then the differences between men and women could be extremely complex.

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