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DA Morgan on May 21, 2002 at 11:58

Re: salty water? (Andy™)

Which part of the following quoted complete sentences did I misread?

"Sure I have evidence. Experiments have been run, and have failed, repeatedly."

Trial after trial is irrelevant. We had trial after trial of airplanes until one flew. We have trial after trial trying to cure cancer or kill the AIDS virus. There is no relevance.

And this is nothing like so-called cold fusion. In the case of cold fusion the researchers that claimed they had found it could not reproduce their work. Serious scientists don't reject the possibility that it could exist. They reject the possibility that too kooks in Utah found it. That is a very big difference.

Your statement above "after trial upon trial" demonstrates a few things. One is a profound lack of patience and perspective. The other, I suspect, something generic to the television generation ... you expect everything to work out within 30 minutes minus commerical interruptions. One hour for really difficult problems. Then the credits roll. Anything else and you just get bored.

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