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Posted by anyman on May 20, 2002 at 23:16

Re: ok... (DA Morgan)

hwholf...he swallows the bait...again

five degrees...three undergrad (science ed, emps in biology and history of science; linguistics; theology)...two grad (linguistics, theology)

working on sixth degree (molecular biology, emps in molecular genetics and molecular virology)...spend several hours weekly in lab cloning bacterial promoters

i have also done grad coursework in astronomy, geology, and anatomy/physiology

i audited a grad course in quantum chemistry (in which i was admittedly way out of my depth but still managed to glean some from the rubble :-)

i teach linguistics (with blocks on logic and critical thinking); brit lit; western civ; critical reading; debate; and do guest lectures in several of the sciences (i have been asked to teach science courses here regularly but my L7 (seventh language, chinese) is inadequate to deal with the specialized lexicon and using a translator in a regular graduate classroom setting would be entirely too cumbersome)

my classes are well attended and audited by several members of the faculty...and they are not there to monitor the quality of my instruction...they are there because of the quality (there are monitors among the students who keep an ear on the content for obvious reasons :-)

in the states, i taught linguistics and bible at university

my language studies include latin (2yrs, high school)...all of the following are university courses...spanish (2yrs), advanced english (2yrs), japanese (1 yr), greek (3yrs), hebrew (1yr), chinese (2yrs)

this IS the last time that i will take your bait or anyone else's for that matter...this is now as far as i am concerned a closed discussion :-) can throw stones and concern yourself with my ancestry and religion

i am not even remotely concerned with your ancestry...the question was regard to your religion, i am only concerned because what you espouse on this board is nonsense of the highest order...and false...i also hope that you will get it figured out before you meet the living his goodness...and his severity

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