the great gould dies...

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anyman on May 20, 2002 at 21:52

stephen j gould, one of the evolutionary camps two most eloquent spokesmen is dead at the age of 60...he died of cancer

his books and articles were always readable and from the point of style and thought provocation a pleasure to read

i obviously disagreed with him on his evolutionary interpretation of the paleontological record, but his insight and punk eek (punc eq or punctuated equilibrium) theory, co-proposed with fellow paleontologist, niles eldridge, did much to stimulate rethought and stir the fires of critical thinking on all sides of the evolutionary/creationary dialogue

paradoxically, he also did incalculable damage to modern thought

he will be missed...i bid fond farewell to this ardent foe of my worldview

one of evolutionís leading lights has been extinguished

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