Posted by anyman on May 20, 2002 at 13:43

Re: that is not enough... (DA Morgan)

say what you will

it's all real enough...i am neither embarrassed...nor is my experience limited to the above...not by a considerable measure :-)

anyman is anyman and just doesn't discuss that kind of thing much

i don't even put much stock in degrees and academia, though i have and continue to invest a considerable sum in both...highly overrated in my estimation

wouldn't even ordinarily have bothered to mention it but allowed you to suck me in in a moment of frustration by your wild nonsensical claims...that was the second, in recent weeks, and probably the last time that you will have much success at baiting me like that

got my back up...and my pride followed...to bad, so sad...but then perfection is something i never lay claim to

...heathen communist atheistic foreigners...

now there is some of that tolerance you always preach...nice talk, guy

i would apply at least the heathen atheistic part to you...and where are your ancestors from...you're a foreigner too, if yo wanna go there

whatever your ancestry or your religion...you are still a hoot...keep it comin' :-)

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