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Andy™ on May 20, 2002 at 13:34

Re: salty water? (DA Morgan)

Sure I have evidence.
Experiments have been run, and have failed, repeatedly. It's obvious it takes more than simply having most (or possibly all) of the required components of a membrane, and on a more important scale, the required ingredients for the cell it would house as well, and heat, light, electricity, etc. to form a cell.

Of course, the lightbulb failed repeatedly so I'll grant it may be possible in some outside chance for a membrane to create itself from its parts. That said, even if a membrane could be formed by leaving the ingredients out in the sun, that's not spontanious life. That would be spontanious membrane, I suppose I could call it. Having a membrane piece itself together from its components, time and sunlight is a far cry from having a fully functioning organism.

Of course, the only reason the lightbulb worked was because a human had a defined purpose for it and was working toward that end.

As a lack of evidence is not evidence of a lack.

I like that, I think I'll keep that one.

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