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Andy™ on May 19, 2002 at 14:53

Re: Gun racks (Amaranth Rose)

There should be a gun rack in the back window of every full-size pickup. :) Bwaha

Most kids seem to still have some stupid in them by 11 or 12. Especially since the accidental shootings I read about and see on news programs typically deal with that age range, plus a few years on each side.
I never had trouble with guns because my dad took me out shooting at targets when I was 8 with his PPK handgun and his little 22 rifle. Anyway, he basically told me after teaching me the right way that if I shot myself with it, after I recovered, he'd give me a punishment to remember. :P An Army dad's way of saying, "I don't want you getting hurt."

What kind of doggie do you have? 8 years ago when we lived here in Kansas before moving to NC we had our black Lab. She delt effectively with all challengers... Dog packs, Foxes, Coyote packs, rabid Raccoons, etc... Then when we moved to NC she taught bobcats their manners. :D
Sweet dog, not the kind to try to push around in her territory, though.

ANYwho, being one, I know a guy who's family is threatened can do more damage than most legal guns with just his bare hands.
All this, and he even pays bills, mows the yard and gives presents. :P

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