Re: speaking of *laws* changing...

Posted by Mike Kremer on May 19, 2002 at 09:44

Re: speaking of *laws* changing... (anyman)

Now you're talking anyman. You r abso right.
Everyone connected to food science is on to a winner. The growers, the farmers, the soil experts
the seed producers, the genetic labs, research staff, medical labs, fund raisers, doctors, etc etc.....and WHY?
Cause it takes over half a lifetime to prove disprove the information. Everybody makes money
and lives well, riding lifes rollercoaster.
Not only that...virtually nothing is ever resinded
Have you ever read of any scientific community that catagoricaly statesNO. NO creosote does Not cause cancer, bakers that knead dough, do NOT
get hepatitus from egg bloodspots getting into skin cuts.
Yep, you can have a golden life being a researcher
and that not only goes for food science, but for any other science where it takes a lifetime or more to come up with the goodies.
Take Astronomy or Evolution? Hehehe. But prehaps not at this time.
Keep the good stuff flowing anyman, we love ya.

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