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Amaranth Rose on May 18, 2002 at 10:12

Re: Re: welcome on the bandwagon (Andy™)

I've no wish to offend you, but I can't imagine where you got your ideas about guns. Out here in the wild, uncivilized lands of the Great American Desert, we do things a bit differently. First of all, there are varmints here, and they'll stalk and seriously injure or kill a dog. I'm talking real dog, the kind you got to have a screwdriver to pry their teeth out of your arm when they get ahold of you. A good stock dog is worth protecting, being as they're pretty hard to get and take a long time to train. So you want that gun ready. Loaded. And easily accessible. Hanging on a rack over the front or back door, high enough the kids can't reach it until they're old enough you've got them trained not to do anything stupid. Plus you send the kids to Scouts to learn a touch more smartness about how to handle weapons. By the time they're 11 or 12, they're savvy enough. And they understand about protection. They're still not quite tall enough to reach the gun, though. That's what we call a safety margin.

Oh, and one thing more. You take the gun down every couple of months, wipe off the dust, clean it thoroughly, unload and reload to keep the action clean and in good order. When that stock dog cost you more than it did to have your last kid, well, you got to set your priorities, you know? :-)

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