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DA Morgan on May 18, 2002 at 02:21

Re: The Laws Of Physics 'Can' Change (Mike Kremer)

Au contrare.

Pi is a ratio that is related to geometry. If you change the geometry then the expression of Pi, as a numeric value can change. Consider, for example, the implication on Pi if parallel lines either converge, or diverge. Try to draw a diameter on a circle.

And consider the following formula:
(e raised to the power (Pi * i)) = -1
This is the derivation of an integer from three irrational, non-dimensional, values. The converse, however is impossible. Given integers it is impossible to derive exact values for e, i, or Pi.

In 1999 I put the following question to John Gribbin "Can you tell me whether you are aware of any other means of deriving the values of one and zero that do not involve the use of rational numbers?"

His answer was a most unambiguous "No".

The question put to Dr. Meron at the Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources University of Chicago produced the following answer: "Not in a finite number of operations."

That pretty much sums it up. There is something very special here. We just don't understand it yet. And likely won't in our lifetimes.

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