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Andy™ on May 17, 2002 at 20:23

Re: salty water? (DA Morgan)

There is excellent evidence that chemicals essential to life are formed in novae, supernovae, and nebulae. There is also proof, yes I said proof, that these same chemicals put into an environment that simulates our best understanding of early earth can form cell membranes: Lipid membranes enclosing an inner fluid.

And as I said before, sugar floating in nebulas and having all the ingredients needed TO form a membrane is far from those ingredients forming themselves into a membrane as well as develop all the complex systems required inside the membrane for it to function as a lifeform.

Life being generated from non-living chemicals won't be enough. Those who do it will have to do so mimicing the conditions of early earth, as well as simply depositing the required (and known to be present) chemical compounds into that environment and watching. That will be enough, maybe, depending on what else is found out by then.

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