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DA Morgan on May 17, 2002 at 19:13

Re: salty water? (Andy™)

But this is not grasping at straws at all. That is what you are missing.

There is excellent evidence that chemicals essential to life are formed in novae, supernovae, and nebulae. There is also proof, yes I said proof, that these same chemicals put into an environment that simulates our best understanding of early earth can form cell membranes: Lipid membranes enclosing an inner fluid.

That we can not yet take the next step, nature had a billion years ... so far we've had maybe 50-60 ... should hardly be counted against us. The progress made so far is staggering for such as short time.

So you have no reason to be smug. And no reason to be surprised, one way or the other, if life is generated from non-living chemicals within your lifetime.

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