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Re: hey daniel... (DA Morgan)

Took a while, but I think we're here.

Sorry for the misread. That's twice this week.

Not a problem at all. =) I have to keep a post open and read it over three times before responding because my brain jumps ahead of my reading and says, "I know, I know! Let's respond NOW!!"

The facts remain, society is turning more and more pro-female and anti-male. Since this trend is likely to continue, and the triumphs and goods done by men like myself who put forth the effort to be what (I think) god intended me to be, that is gentle, dignified, understanding, caring, loving, respectable, hard-working, unrelenting, providing and posess a controlled aggression. Those like myself will continue to be overlooked in the generalization that occurs, just as happens in racism, although when socially acceptable, it isn't considered bad, like this kind of belief is becoming more and more. I can't influence all the women who've allowed themselves to be burned, some are beyond my help. I can try to get to all those who've not been wrapped up with the worthless men (Sometimes I wish I were the designated "worth inspector for the male gender" licensed to kill.) and warn them, and if need be, threaten the men into "wisdom", as I've done on several occassions. Something along the lines of, "stay away from that girl, she's too good for you. You know this, and I know this, and I don't want her tainted by your disgusting nature."

Since there are still those males who are allowed to wander through life with no guidance while we focus on getting females to succeed and declaring men less-worthy of life. While those males are overlooked and don't posess the strength of will or mind to make the one choice it takes to be a worthy man, we'll always have examples of the evils of men.

However, as I said before, as long as I'm alive, men will never be obsolete. Should I ever become attached (I'm not yet, because I know I'm not worthy either. Yet. :D) and have a son, men won't be obsolete until HE'S dead.

Frankly I think society would lose some very good aspects if men were removed. Women and men aren't the same in mind, everyone knows this. We both have our better qualities than the other, and we both have our worse. It's society's preference to focus on the worse of men, for now.

On television, we have the deadbeat dads. Never an abusive mother, as happened to a younger friend of mine who I knew from North Carolina, never a mother who walked out on her family, as happened to friends of mine. Male friends, who handle their lives like I do my own. Always in the dramas we find for entertainment, men are doing the evils, women are playing the victims.

People wonder why I only watch Nature, National Geographic, the news, and Star Trek.

Frankly, I'm not so willing to give up on men as you are. I can understand why Rose is so anti-male, but you're more of a mystery to me. You, an acomplished man, who's done heaven knows how much good for society, can't see the benifits of your own gender.
Maybe it comes with the loss of strength that accompanies years, no offence meant. :)

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