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Uncle Al on May 17, 2002 at 15:06

Re: The Laws Of Physics 'Can' Change (DA Morgan)

The laws of physics are background independent (e.g., Lorentz invariance). General Relativity is a set of ten equations in tensorial form - no coordinate background at all!

Pi is pi. It is a universal constant. The expression for the area of a circle on the surface of a a sphere, a plane, or a hyperbolic manifold varies as a function of diameter and circumference, but pi remains exactly pi.

Physics is self-consistent. It contains no errors as Euclid's geometry contains no errors. You cannot attack it internally. As Euclid's weak Fifth (Parallel) postulate fell to Riemann and Bolyai/Lobechevsky, so physics can be assaulted externally at the postulate level,

It may or may not work. Somebody has to look.

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