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Andy™ on May 16, 2002 at 18:41

Re: salty water? (DA Morgan)

My current perspective, based on the evidence of the current age, is that there isn't sufficient evidence to claim this notion, idea, etc. as a theory.
Which is why I said, in the very beginning, I find them all so pathetic it's humorous. I literally find it amusing to read popular press articles espousing how the evidence has been found, etc. etc. etc. and reference sugar floating in a nebula.

I'm capable of looking ahead, which is why I've not dismissed the entire notion. The fact remains, however, under our current model of primal earth, life developing by itself simply by boiling the fluid its in or charging it with electricity, or even by adding amino acids and sugar and maybe even a ready-made membrane to contain it all, is a completely absurd notion.

Now, it's possible life was deposited here. The problem of spontanious generation is not solved.

However, in science we are unable to accept another way, because the other ways involve some other being taking a hand in the process and we can't test that. So we continue testing and trying to find a way for a complex system to form itself from the sum of it's parts, and begin to function.

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