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Andy™ on May 16, 2002 at 18:25

Re: welcome on the bandwagon (DA Morgan)

One occured in Topeka Kansas.

Another in North Carolina.

And the final (or most recent, lets say) here in Kansas City.

No offence sir, but you're much older than I. I don't see any reason to take offence to being wisened, but some do, so I put that in as a default.
I'm willing to bet that the majority of the women you encounter were raised in a different time period than those I encounter. Females of my generation (which all these cases delt with) seem much more violent than their previous versions.

It's rather depressing really. There are those like myself who are capable of damaging people to a high extent, and deal with the type one wishes to damage on a daily basis but extend so much personal effort and determination to be the more responcible party. Then we have the "gentler sex" beating each other down over nothing.

Then I read threads like the one we are currently engaged in, telling how worthless my fellows and myself are.

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