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KB on May 16, 2002 at 15:18

Re: And if that is not enough...........a little more (Mike Kremer)

I live in Northwestern Montana where the forest is still fairly abundant. I also fly gliders (sailplanes), which use thermals (warm, rising air generated by the sun) to stay aloft. This is a daily process and is considered a micrometeorological event. When I am looking for thermals I search for areas that have been clear-cut (logging operation area). I position myself just down wind of the clear cut and sure enough there is usually a very nice thermal. If I am over the valley floor I fly over the farmerís fields. Some of the best lift can be found over the city (malls, parking lots, large industrial complexes, etc.). Is it possible that this daily heating/circulation pattern could have an effect on global warming? This process is happening just about everywhere so the cumulative effect could be contributing to the global warming situation. There are still thermals over the forested areas that have not been logged but they are not as abundant (usually over rocky areas). The above-mentioned changes in the daily heating pattern are all man made and are probably much different than in the past.

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