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Andy™ on May 16, 2002 at 13:20

Re: hey daniel... (DA Morgan)

Do you live in China, Daniel? I don't. Most Americans don't.

China has its backwater traditions and laws. There is no law on the books in China saying male children are preferred, it's a traditional notion. Traditions are built over a long period of time, and are broken much much faster than they're built.

Each different country, or region of the world has it's own different value standards for life, and gender. I'm referring to the higher-evolved mindset, not the mind of a culture wrapped so tightly in tradition and beurocracy it has little hope of emurging anytime soon.

The generality is what matters.

Kind of like how all black people are bad because most of the crimes committed are committed by them.

Now that they are becoming less dependent they may find it in their own vested self-interest to eliminate war, and crime, and the proximate cause of most of it.

As I said before, in a matriarchal society, war and crime would still exist, they would simply be caused by female delinquents and female leaders.

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