Yep, you got that right!

Posted by Amaranth Rose on May 16, 2002 at 07:53

Re: Re: welcome on the bandwagon (DA Morgan)

"Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a good blaster on your hip, kid..."

Shotguns don't eat. They don't leave filthy articles of clothing on your floor for you to trip on. You can decide when they have to have a bath. They don't molest little boys and girls. When you need to lean on them they don't let you down. They don't get in a bad mood one fine day and leave you black and blue and red all over. They stay where you put them and they're always where you left them. They're always ready. They don't kick cats and dogs. They never ask for the car keys, and they never leave the car out of gas.

And I'm not saying that there aren't men with the same attributes. It's just that the last one of my personal acquaintance was interred almost a quarter of a century ago. I'm still looking to replace him. No recent applicants have made themselves known to me. At least, not that I've noticed, and I am somewhat dense in some ways.

"Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a good blaster...." :-)

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