Re: Finessing Relativity

Posted by Mike Kremer on May 15, 2002 at 23:38

Re: Finessing Relativity (Uncle Al)

Well I can only congratulate you upon the vast mass of '' physics papers you have amassed, together some interesting 'String Physics papers' etc.
Thank you for those, I will be keeping them all.
One never knows when they might come in useful.

I hope you dont expect anything more than a casual comment, especially since it would take 1/2 a lifetime to absorb the information you have offered.

Prehaps we should wait to see whether one of the three world Laser Interferometer Gravity Wave Observatorys (LIGO), produce any information.
They have the longest Vacuum tunnels yet made by man.
Not that I believe that there is any such thing as a true vacuum, in so far as quantum measurement is concerned.
What with particles popping in and out of existence, plus the whole setup being pervaded with the crisscrossing of gravity and magnetic fields. I'm not only refering to LIGO but also to any other delicate vacuum apparatus such as torsion twist etc trying to make any sense of this wonderful Universe.

I think you are right about the possibility of all being wrong or at least could all depend upon where in the Universe the tests were conducted.
Again, many thanks for the physics papers <(:)

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