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DA Morgan on May 15, 2002 at 18:30

Re: salty water? (Andy™)

The first is not a theory ... it is an idea: A speculation. No reputable scientist would call it a theory.

With respect to the second I would need to know more to determine which it is.

What has led to this thinking is that it appears that the vast majority of organic (meaning carbon based not living) materials on this planet were created by carbon stars and in interstellar clouds. Not as was thought for a long time by the decay of living organisms. Also, a very substantial number of the chemicals on which life is based, including amino acids and sugars have now been found in nebulae.

What is happening is a shift in focus. That does not make "a thoery" in and of itself. But the supporting evidence is beginning to build to the point that it is appearing increasingly likely that there may be fire as well as smoke.

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