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Andy™ on May 15, 2002 at 13:03

Re: hey daniel... (DA Morgan)

I'm talking generalities ... not specifics.

Which is exactly where you fail. What you're doing is akin to basic racism, simply replacing race/ethnicity with gender. The crime rate for black people in cities is much higher than that of their white equivalents. Therefore all black people are bad.
Males in history have caused problems, therefore all males are bad.

Just ignore all the good men have done, just ignore all the good men CAN do. Simply focus on generalizing the evils over the whole spread and say there you go.

My own father is a perfect example that a strong man doesn't even need a good example. Truth be told, he started out like his father. In the end, he changed. He made one choice and changed his life to make himself a good man. All it takes is one choice. Biology is no excuse, and it certainly isn't the basis for determining someone's worth. In those 10,000 years of history we also have examples of what stellar achievments men can do. We also have the examples that will never make it into a textbook of how men can achieve great things simply by doing what I've said in previous posts in this thread.

You can blame the world's ills on men all you want, you'll never be correct. Not as long as there are those like me, my father, and others who are willing to make an effort to do our job as men.
Men are not obsolete, and never will be. Not as long as we are willing to evolve, just as everything else, and not as long as stupid ideas like this one are kept where they belong.

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