Further proof that global warming is not real

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DA Morgan on May 15, 2002 at 11:36

Satellite images have detected another in a series of massive icebergs calving off the frozen continent of Antarctica, the latest one bigger than the entire state of Delaware.

Dubbed iceberg C-19, the massive, rectangular ice block measures roughly 124 by 20 miles (198 by 32 kilometers), or 2,480 square miles (6,336 square kilometers) in surface area. While not quite the biggest iceberg to break away from Antarctica in recent years, C-19 is about 20 percent larger in area than the state of Delaware.

Last week, another new berg broke free. It was dubbed C-18, and measured roughly 47 by 4.6 miles (75 by 7 kilometers), or just less than 10 times the area of Manhattan.

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At what point do people start taking this seriously and reconsider their points-of-view? When the water is up to their neighbors necks? Or only when it is up to their own?

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