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Me on May 14, 2002 at 16:34

Speaking from a female perspective here, there probably aren't that many women who would entirely disagree with Andy™, or want to rip him up for that matter.

Obviously you have your feminists who would, but you'd probably find that the majority of females like to have the protective figure. They want a real man who will look after them, make the living etc, not someone who will give in to them all the time.

Those figures given on sons lengthening a mothers lifespan are statistics and as everyone knows, statistics can be twisted to say whatever you want them to say, and can never be trusted. If a mother brings her sons up badly, they clearly will give her trouble when they are older, but if she brings them up right, they will be a pleasure; so it really depends on the mother rather than the gender of her children.

In answer to Andy™'s fifth point, males are most definately not the only ones who know how to have fun.

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