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Re: muah-hahahaaa (DA Morgan)

Positive responce responces:

1. A woman might view it as requiring less money if she didn't have to support a male. And remember that without males ... there would be no income inequality so the females benefit financially.

If the man is worth his while, he doesn't NEED supporting. In addition, he's bringing in income as well as doing the tasks that would require someone to be hired to do because it requires much heavy lifting, etc. So he saves money as well as bringing more in.

2. How many of today's problem kids are male? What percentage of the criminals? What percentage of the "maladjusted" children are maladjusted because of an abusive and/or alcoholic male in the household?

Annnddd why? Because good male role models aren't being provided, because playground rules are restricting boys far too much from really being as active as they need to be, because so much of societies view is focused on making females succeed boys are being overlooked, because the once healthy discipline imposed on boys by their fathers is now being accused of being cruel when it truely shaped one for a life of difficult responcibility, the true life of a man. Men are being allowed to be lazy because society is ignoring them except for the occassional lashing of scorn dropped down on him. Men aren't being taught the right way.

3. Assuming a woman doesn't live in an area where leopards roam freely the only thing a woman needs protection from is males. Thus one could hardly fault women for finding an easy solution to the fear factor.

I laughed at this one. :) Women need protection from women! I can think of three cases offhand where I've interveined in pulling one woman off of another that she was attacking. Men are naturally stronger than women in a normal case, very few people argue against this anymore because it's just plain stupid to do so. Now, add this protective instinct that should be nurtured in males with the work ethic and the responcibility, and we've still got a valuable member of society.

4. If men weren't around refrigerators would weight less. Just kidding. Given that women now serve on police forces and in fire departments as well as the military ... this one isn't going to get you very far.

Men are still stronger, biologically. If men are doing their job through life (that is, learning to do these handyman tasks, minor auto work, as well as their full time job), they can do these things requiring brute strength more efficiently and better than the average woman due to that brute strength. For example, when I had to lift a large tire off of a friend's leg that two girls had been heaving on before me, I did it singlehandedly. Not bragging, simply stating a fact, that tire would've stayed right there much longer on the friend's already blue and purple leg had there not been a normal male present. ADD to this the responcibility, hard working nature, supportive, and fun character of a quality man, we still have a good addition to society.\

5. That may be the final nail in your coffin.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Fun is a bad thing now, isn't it?
Any woman I've dealt with who was feeling down would tell you that if it weren't for my talent for being a goof she wouldn't have been cheered up. Men, secure men of course, can do the most inane and hilarious things imaginable simply to make someone (typically female!) smile, laugh or feel better if we want to. In addition, many men's providing instinct translates into a giving one as well. I for one enjoy giving gifts and surprises. Couple that with my natural tendency to goof around when the situation calls for it and there's no bad, is there?
Add the fun loving aspect to the supportive, hardworking, protective male and we yet again have a good addition to society.

Responces to Negatives offered:

1. Major source of war and crime

Annnd if we had a matriarchal society I guarantee you women would be the major source of war and crime.

2. Major vector for diseases

Specify? I wonder simply because I've not been sick for years now, even when I took care of my entire family when they were all down with the flu. (Doing all that caretaking, PLUS doing the yardwork, going to school and working all without complaining once. Like a good man.)

3. Less healthy driving up medical care costs

Which is why a man is to be taught the benefits of budgeting and investing! I'm 20 years old and am already buying mutual funds for retirement as well as later in life unexpected occurrances like desease.
On another note, I run 5.5 miles in 15 minutes every other night, and do a regular program of situps etc. on the off nights. A man who's willing to put forth effort will remain healthy, the same goes for the female.

4. Ill mannered, ill tempered, and don't know how to enjoy a good tear-jerker movie.

I've cried in my share of movies. Most of those movies dealt with REAL situations, not the made up fluff you find in most "tear jerkers". If it's worth crying for, I will.
One movie I got misty in was Saving Private Ryan, for example. Hardly a typical tear jerker, but I have a different perspective on the topic than some.

5. Don't pick up after themselves and put the toilet seat down.

Bah and humbah.

Again I say, when raised properly, one could be shocked, especially in this day in age by the benifits a male can offer his society. However in a society steadly turning anti-male like ours, it's unlikely many like me will come after.

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