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Re: Bosh! (Amaranth Rose)

Let's dance.
The stipulation to all the bullets I'm going to make below is that you're dealing with a worthwhile individual.

1. Money- A guy raised correctly feels obligated to take care of his family. That being the case, if he feels obligated, he'll be willing to run himself into the ground to make life better for his family if he has to.

2. Kids- Sure, you can get preggers and give birth alone, but several studies have shown that with a good male role model, kids both boys and girls grow up more well-adjusted, in many cases.

3. Protection- If you're dealing with a man raised properly, he'll feel obligated to keep his family safe. This means self-sacrifice of a high order, sometimes death. He knows this, and knows it's his job anyway. A man not willing to die for his family is a man not worthy of ever having been born.

4. Brute strength- Yes, it's a benefit. Sure, you can spend money on technology developed to replace the man's strength, OR you can have a supportive, protecting mate who can open the pickle jar on his own, lift the lawn mower singlehandedly, re-roof the house alone, re-hang the garage door when it jumped the track all by his lonesome. All for the reward of.... having done it. Wow. Alright, a hot meal later on is appreciated but the gratification of work isn't lost on all of us.

5. Fun- Nobody can goof off like a man.

So, sure you could get 1 from a woman, eventually after men were "removed" number 2 will be forgotten, since there won't be anything to compare it to. Doesn't mean it would be solved or just as good, simply forgotten. Unless you found a body-builder female, or bought a robot, you wouldn't get the 3rd equivalent. Same goes for the fourth... The 5th one could be found elsewhere but like I said before, no one can goof off like a man. All this PLUS a sperm donor you don't have to pay for. Hell of a good deal, I should think.
I've got more, if I need to post them I will.

You can look at the situation through pure logic, or you can look at it through reality.

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