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Posted by Southern Man on May 14, 2002 at 08:17

Re: Globalisation (Dogrock)

Point taken. Diversity of knowledge however is not diversity of thinking and neither of them is creativity. Knowledge is a collection of facts. Thinking is how those facts are arranged into a reality. Creativity is the ability to change the arrangement into another that is just as valid. The fact that “everyone” believes that the sun rotates around the earth isn’t going to stop the free thinker from theorizing otherwise given data that leads in that direction. The more facts one has to work with the easier it is to come up with new arrangements. Diversity of knowledge means less total factual knowledge for any given individual and so creativity is reduced. Diversity of thinking means wasted effort on incorrect arrangements of knowledge. It is diversity of thinking that wastes time an effort on Feng Shui.

We need less diversity in knowledge (more universal factual knowledge), less diversity of thinking (more reasoned thought on the universal knowledge base) and more creativity (less acceptance of the current reality as the only possible reality). Globalization will certainly produce the first two and it is my belief it won’t harm the third.

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