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Amaranth Rose on May 14, 2002 at 01:49

Re: heheh (Andy™)

You talk the talk. Big talk. But can you walk the walk? What have you got that I can't get otherwise?

I'm not much younger than Daniel; I watched the US go to the moon and back on 32 kilobytes of RAM; The first computer in this household (excepting the CPM Kaypro) was 44 Megahertz 486 with 16 (wow!)megabytes of RAM. Soon we will likely see a machine with over a gigahertz of processing speed plopped down on my desktop. I can control that much power with the flick of my finger, and I'm going to put up with the condescenscion of someone who deigns to put the seat down and their socks in the hamper when they deem it expedient?

Sorry. I can housebreak a dog in six weeks. Granted, I'd have to take out the trash, but I have to anyway when my son's in a snit. And dogs don't look at you one day and say, "Honey, you've put on some weight, so I'm leaving you for the skinny chicky down the street with no kids and a fat 401K."

So, what have you got? No BS, no offense, nothing crude. Just convince me you're worth the trouble and expense. Convince me that Daniel is wrong. There's no prize, no right or wrong answer. Just honest, open discussion.

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