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Posted by Southern Man on May 13, 2002 at 08:46

Re: Globalisation (Dogrock)

>Does globalisation affect creativity.


>While pooling knowledge can increase understanding,


>does it then have the negative affect of decreasing diversity of thinking.


>Throughout history different countries have had different views of everything, often leading to conflict.


>But is one view on everything even more scary.

Not if it is a more correct view because of more checking due to increased knowledge.

>Do we need conflict not confined within organised parameters, but truely outside them, testing us beyond our known limits.


Just as the Guttenberg press resulted in increased knowledge and ultimately a much improved standard of living, so should global knowledge and agreement on what is and is not true.

Creativity will be increased by globalization because of greater knowledge. “Diversity of thinking” is not a goal to be desired. 2+2=4. It is desirable that this knowledge become universal. If there are some who say 2+2=5 and some say 2+2=44 then time and resources will be wasted on arguing these points. None of this has anything to do with creativity. One person may know that 2+2=4 and another person knows that 1+1=2. If they don’t share this knowledge than that is as far as it might go. However once we all agree that 2+2=4 AND 1+1=2 then if is far easier for some creative person to say that if 1+1=2 and 2+2=4 then 1+1+2 must = 4.

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