Re: Consciousness?

Posted by Amaranth Rose on May 13, 2002 at 05:38

Re: Consciousness? (KB)

An Osler tended horses. Mister Smith used a forge to work metal: Cast iron (more commonly known as "black iron" or "black metal" for a blacksmith, the most common sort of smith; Goldsmith worked gold; silversmith (brightsmith) worked silver; a tinsmith made objects of tin. A Wright built things; a wainwright built wagons, a wheelwright made wheels, a cartwright built carts. A castelan tended castles, a gardener tended gardens, a farmer tended farms, a neatherd herded cattle (neats).

But not anymore. We have names, and we have occupations, and seldom the two coincide. A good thing, perhaps; imagine access to computer careers being limited to those whose names are Bit, Byte, Wang, Cray, Intel, Celeron, and IBM.

Can anyone explain "Architect" to me?

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