Re: Triggering of Little Ice Age

Posted by Mike Kremer on May 12, 2002 at 17:28

Re: Triggering of Little Ice Age (Mike Kremer)

Absolutely agree with Daniel, regarding the impossible speed of the dust.
I dont even know who 'mindspring' are, except they are/were in Atlanta and are looking for phone customers.
It seems that you may have been duped into posting the article with 'mindspring' in the first place.
Looking at it logicaly loads of dust in sufficient quantitys to trigger a cold snap would
would have been reported as deep red sunsets way back in 1300 or so.
The supernova WAS woven into the 'Bayeux tapestry
along with comets in the sky.
I have also found that the 'Black Death' moved from India to Europe rather quickly in 1346 (still
within the 200-300 year limit of your article). So
you see how (ill)logical answers can be got by working backwards.

Im sure I am speaking for everybody in saying that we are certainly not denigrating yourself or your fact we welcome all kinds of science, pseudo-science, Biblical history and Mythology here, it keeps us on our toes, including
Daniel, hehehe.
Just keep on posting and we'll keep on trucking

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