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DA Morgan on May 10, 2002 at 11:21

Re: astronomy question (anyman)

Making pronouncements on science based on either (A) an incomplete knowledge, or (B) based on the fact that the truth would be inconvenient for your theology is a non-starter.

This is just another case of superficial science reporting and teaching. The Big Bang theory says no such thing. This is sort of the equivalent of the popular misconception that when you heat air up all molecules move faster. That too is not true. What these theories talk about is generalities ... not specifics.

The expansion of the universe is quite real. And whether the Big Bang theory, or some of the newer ones are true, the expansion is undeniable. But the fact that space is expanding does not negate the effects of gravity.

So while the general trend is for galaxies to move apart (observed as a red shift) it is quite true that there are some that are blue shifted (moving toward us). Our galaxy, and the Andromeda galaxy (M31) are gravitationally bound and they will therefore inevitably collide. While we wait for that to happen ... most other galaxies ... in other galaxy clusters ... will move away from us and possibly disappear from sight. Don't wait up to see any of this.

Back to air molecules that are heated ... heating increases the average motion. So while most move faster that does not mean that all do.

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