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Posted by Mike Kremer on May 10, 2002 at 11:15

Re: astronomy question (anyman)

You are correct in both your statements.
The more 'theoretical fixes' thought up, the more difficult the revealed problems become.

They had to bring in the 'inflationary variant' to
account for the homogeneity of the temperature and
radiation in the universe today.
Since taking into account of the size of the present universe-its continuing expansion-and speed of light.....the thinking was...there aint no way that Big bang universe could communicate
with all other parts to produce the 2.7 degree above absolute temp, nor the steady microwave radiation we see today.
Watch out for the new theorys, Calabi-Yau (Dannys
favorite) M-theory/string, Planck size/energys,
and that prehaps we are all curled up so small, that for all we know our whole universe as we know it, might just as well be contained within some random cloud of atoms.

You can keep on trucking....your theorys of faith
today, will continue as strong tomorrow, long as the scientific theorys continue to fall.

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