Re: Global Warming

Posted by Southern Man on May 10, 2002 at 11:09

Re: Global Warming (DA Morgan)

I thought you said above that we really don't know and that we should act conservatively? Looks like I threatened your dogma with logic.

But I'll give you another chance. How do you propose that a few centimeter rise in the water level is going to inundate land that is many meters above the water? How does the water climb the “mountain” of the beach to get up to where people actually do live? As you said, everyone doesn’t live on the peak but no one lives at sea level. Anyone who lived at sea level would be wet every day due to tides. And even a class 1 hurricane would wash away everything they had. The people of these islands are used to tides and hurricanes. They live high enough to survive these regular events. A few centimeter rise in the level of a hurricane storm surge would never be noticed. It is going to take a rise of tens of meters before these people lose their country. This is higher than even the worst prediction for the next thousand years. Or is such logic and realistic thought just semantic nitpicking?

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